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  • Gorol Tourist Information Centre
    Gorol Tourist Information Centre

    You are warmly invited to the annual ‘Gorol Days’, a festival where you can try out folk crafts and find out more about local products, customs and culture.

  • Mosty u Jablunkova
    Mosty u Jablunkova

    Mosty u Jablunkova can be found easily: It is situated at the very east part of the Czech republic, in the Moravian-Silesian region, bordering with three states-Czech republic, Poland and Slovakia.The town has around 4,000 inhabitants and extends over a length of 8 km.

  • A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet
    A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet

    The Mosty u Jablunkova area can boast a wide range of mountain chalets catering for hikers. We have chosen seven which you can visit:

    Gírová - 4 km
    Kamenná chata - 6 km
    Polanka - 4 km
    Severka - 5 km
    Skalka - 4 km
    Studeničný - 5 km
    Zuzana - 2 km
  • Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky
    Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky

    Why not take a trip along the Czech-Slovak border – see the historic Šance fortifications and marvel at the strange stone ‘balls’ in the Megoňky quarry.

  • The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty
    The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty

    Beautiful countryside, superb local specialities and an active way to relax for all the family. For all this and more, come to the Mosty Ski Centre, which is open all year round and offers both adrenaline sports and relaxing family activities.

  • Cycling holidays
    Cycling holidays

    The hills and mountains around Mosty u Jablunkova offer ideal conditions for trekking and mountain biking. There is a network of marked cycle paths leading up to the summits of local mountains, where chalets offer delicious refreshments.

Mosty u Jablunkova

This small village lies near the head of the Jablunkov pass between the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy and Silesian Beskydy ranges and is easily accessible via the international road and border crossing and an international train service. The town was founded over 600 years ago on an important trade route linking Silesia with the Hungarian kingdom, and the remains of fortresses built to defend local people against Turkish and Tartar invasions can still be seen.

At present, the fortifications are undergoing reconstruction and it is easy to see the floor plan, walls, moats, the remains of the foundations of the original barracks and individual parts of the fortress.  In the immediate vicinity of the fortress, a Visitor Center has been built with an interactive exhibition that will introduce the visitor into the history of the functioning of the Chance fortification system in a non-traditional, unique and entertaining way. The fortifications offer beautiful views.

Mosty u Jablunkova has a football pitch, a volleyball court, tennis courts and a gym and two multifunctional playgrounds. There is an outdoor pool right in the center of the village. Village is which also forms a starting point for hiking paths up to the peaks of Studeničné and Gírová and onto the main ridge of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy range, which begins with the mountains of Skalka, Severka and Velký Polom. Year-round the area attracts with its attractions in the ski area (bungee trampolines, 650 m long bobsled track, pumptrack and other attractions).

In winter, Mosty u Jablunkova offers good conditions for skiers - downhill runs right in the center of the village with lighting, snow and a four-seater cable car, which is open even in the summer season.  For cross-country skiers, there are groomed cross-country trails in the area with a total length of 44 km and a lighted circuit in the immediate vicinity of the ski area.

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