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Mon-Fri8:00 - 16:00October - May
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  • Gorol Tourist Information Centre
    Gorol Tourist Information Centre

    You are warmly invited to the annual ‘Gorol Days’, a festival where you can try out folk crafts and find out more about local products, customs and culture.

  • Mosty u Jablunkova
    Mosty u Jablunkova

    Mosty u Jablunkova can be found easily: It is situated at the very east part of the Czech republic, in the Moravian-Silesian region, bordering with three states-Czech republic, Poland and Slovakia.The town has around 4,000 inhabitants and extends over a length of 8 km.

  • A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet
    A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet

    The Mosty u Jablunkova area can boast a wide range of mountain chalets catering for hikers. We have chosen seven which you can visit:

    Gírová - 4 km
    Kamenná chata - 6 km
    Polanka - 4 km
    Severka - 5 km
    Skalka - 4 km
    Studeničný - 5 km
    Zuzana - 2 km
  • Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky
    Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky

    Why not take a trip along the Czech-Slovak border – see the historic Šance fortifications and marvel at the strange stone ‘balls’ in the Megoňky quarry.

  • The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty
    The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty

    Beautiful countryside, superb local specialities and an active way to relax for all the family. For all this and more, come to the Mosty Ski Centre, which is open all year round and offers both adrenaline sports and relaxing family activities.

  • Cycling holidays
    Cycling holidays

    The hills and mountains around Mosty u Jablunkova offer ideal conditions for trekking and mountain biking. There is a network of marked cycle paths leading up to the summits of local mountains, where chalets offer delicious refreshments.

car repair

Auto repair shops in the village Mosty u Jablunkova

Taxi Hradil

Mosty u Jablunkova 321
by phone from 00:00 to 24:00
phone: +420 800 400 406


  • Mosty u Jablunkova is easily accessible by road and rail. The European E75 highway runs past the town; until 2001, when the bypass was built, the road ran through the town centre. Now traffic within Mosty itself is light. From Slovakia, visitors can reach Mosty either via the main international road through Svrčinovec or on smaller roads from Čadca and Milošová.

Cycling - Service

Cycling - service in Mosty u Jablunkova (at the former hotel on chance) offers a professional job, good prices. Phone orders on phone number +420 737 040 344

Mosty u Jablunkova railway station

Opening hours - selling train tickets

Bus station Jablunkov

phone: +420 597 606 069
address: Jablunkov, Dukelská 107
GPS: 49°34'40.833"N, 18°46'2.625"E
web: https://www.kodis.cz/cz/dopravni-infocentra/kontakty/2/dopravni-infocentra.html

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