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Opening Times:
Mon-Fri8:00 - 16:00October - May
Sat, holidays8:30 - 12:30October - May
Mon-Fri8:00 - 16:00June - September
Sat8:30 - 14:30June - September
Sun, holidays8:30 - 12:30June - September
  • Gorol Tourist Information Centre
    Gorol Tourist Information Centre

    You are warmly invited to the annual ‘Gorol Days’, a festival where you can try out folk crafts and find out more about local products, customs and culture.

  • Mosty u Jablunkova
    Mosty u Jablunkova

    Mosty u Jablunkova can be found easily: It is situated at the very east part of the Czech republic, in the Moravian-Silesian region, bordering with three states-Czech republic, Poland and Slovakia.The town has around 4,000 inhabitants and extends over a length of 8 km.

  • A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet
    A tour of the mountains – from chalet to chalet

    The Mosty u Jablunkova area can boast a wide range of mountain chalets catering for hikers. We have chosen seven which you can visit:

    Gírová - 4 km
    Kamenná chata - 6 km
    Polanka - 4 km
    Severka - 5 km
    Skalka - 4 km
    Studeničný - 5 km
    Zuzana - 2 km
  • Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky
    Stroll through history and view a wonder of nature: Šance and Megoňky

    Why not take a trip along the Czech-Slovak border – see the historic Šance fortifications and marvel at the strange stone ‘balls’ in the Megoňky quarry.

  • The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty
    The ‘Gorolszus’ tightrope ride at Mosty

    Beautiful countryside, superb local specialities and an active way to relax for all the family. For all this and more, come to the Mosty Ski Centre, which is open all year round and offers both adrenaline sports and relaxing family activities.

  • Cycling holidays
    Cycling holidays

    The hills and mountains around Mosty u Jablunkova offer ideal conditions for trekking and mountain biking. There is a network of marked cycle paths leading up to the summits of local mountains, where chalets offer delicious refreshments.

E-bikes rental shop - operating rules

E-bikes use:
1. It is possible to rent an e-bike only if you show at least one of the following documents:
    a) valid identity card,
    b) valid passport or valid driver’s licence.
2. E-bikes can be rented only by persons who are 18 years of age or older.
3. Please, check your e-bike thoroughly before taking it over to make sure there are no
    apparent defects. Any later claims shall be disregarded.
4. In case you ascertain any defects or flaws during your ride, you shall report them upon the
    bike handover.
5. It is forbidden to make any changes to the e-bike without the rental operator’s consent.
6. It is forbidden to handover the e-bike or enable its use to any person not specified in the

Bike equipment:
E-bike means a bike with the equipment specified under annex no. 12 of regulation no. 341/2014 Sb., on approving roadworthiness and technical conditions regarding road traffic.

1. Before entering into a rental contract you shall pay a refundable deposit for each e-bike.
    The amount of the refundable deposit is specified in the effective price list. After you return
    the e-bike and it corresponds to its original condition – i.e. no defects, the refundable
    deposit will be paid back to you in full.
2. The rental fee is based on the price list and there is a prepayment.
3. If you exceed the time period for which you have paid, you shall pay a contractual penalty!

1. Riding a rented e-bike is at your own risk and the lessor bears no liability for any damage
    caused by any bike rented by such lessor and incurred on the lessor’s property or other
    tangible or intangible property or for any damage suffered by other persons during the
    rental period or for the health of the customer for the entire rental period.
2. The customer takes over liability for any and all e-bikes specified in the rental contract the
    customer entered into and signed including the other persons that will use such bikes and
    are specified in the contract the customer signed, if these persons include children and
    persons younger than 18 years of age.
3. Upon signing the contract the customer takes full liability for the rented bike/s until it is/they
    are returned to the lessor.

1. Due to their weight and size e-bikes cannot be rented to children younger than 15 years of
    age and shorter than 160 cm.

Damage payment:
1. In case of loss of the e-bike or any of its parts or accessories, you are obliged to pay in
    accordance with the price list.
2. The amount of the damage caused is specified based on the applicable price list.
3. Damage is paid upon returning the e-bike. The lessor is entitled to use the prepayment to
    compensate for the incurred damage as well as for any lessor’s claims arising against the
    customer. These Operating Rules are part of the rental contract and upon his/her
    signature the customer agrees to comply with these in full.

PRICE LIST (per person and per bike)
The price is applicable to each rented e-bike.
Prepayment for each e-bike is refundable and it includes 5000 CZK
Renting an e-bike:
95 CZK / 2 hours
170 CZK / 4 hours
250 CZK / 6 hours
300 CZK / 8 hours
390 CZK / 1 day

Fee for accessories (helmet, lights, pocket for trifles, patches and sealants, lock and key, charger, blinkers, etc) is included in the rental price.

Contractual penalty in case you fail to observe the deadline for returning the e-bike: 300 CZK + 50 CZK per hour or part thereof. Returning the e-bike within the deadline means returning it no later than 20 minutes after the rental period expired if such delay had been reported to the lessor in advance on the phone – phone number: +420 558 341 586, +420 603 825 226. If the bike has not been properly cleaned upon the handover, a contractual penalty amounting to 300 CZK shall be paid.

Prices for damage:

  • Front fork deformed 400 CZK
  • Rim breaks or cable damaged 90 CZK
  • Tyre damaged 290 CZK
  • Spokes damaged (max 3 spokes) 80 CZK
  • Spokes damaged (between 4 and 7 spokes) 110 CZK
  • Spokes damaged (more than 7 spokes) 180 CZK
  • Front or back wheel totally damaged (destroyed) 600 CZK
  • Lights damaged 250 CZK
  • Bicycle stand lost or damaged 150 CZK
  • One of the mudguards damaged 150 CZK
  • Seat lost or damaged 300 CZK
  • Chain damaged 250 CZK
  • Lock lost or damaged 200 CZK
  • Key lost or damaged 30 CZK
  • Helmet lost or damaged 500 CZK
  • Bag (including tools) lost or damaged 800 CZK
  • Pedal lost or damaged – 1 pedal 150 CZK
  • Bottle cage lost or damaged 150 CZK
  • Derailleur (change-speed) damaged 450 CZK
  • Any damage or loss caused to the lessor not specified above which disqualify the bike from further use: 15 000 CZK / city bike, 20 000 CZK/ trekking bike, 25 000 CZK /mountain bike
  • Any other damage based on the agreement of both parties.

    The customer is liable to the lessor for loss, theft, destruction, or damage to the rented bike/s including accessories. The lessor is entitled to request that the customer pays any costs arising in connection with loss, theft, destruction, or damage to the rented bike/s or accessories. In case of damage caused by a third person, elements of nature or in case of theft, the customer is obliged to contact the Police of the Czech Republic without delay (call 158 or 112) and inform the lessor thereof.

    During the ride on an e-bike, the customer is obliged to observe act no. 361/2000 Sb. (Road Traffic Act) including the provisions of s. 2 (5a): “Drivers/Riders must not consume alcoholic beverages or other substances containing alcohol or use any addictive substance when driving/riding.”

    I have read these Operating Rules thoroughly and I agree with any and all terms and conditions specified here.

E-bikes for the rental shop were acquired by way of a grant provided by the Moravian-Silesian Region and a loan provide by the Moravian-Silesian Region.


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